The Fowler Theatre is run entirely with volunteers. We are looking for individuals, families or businesses willing to donate their time to sell tickets, operate the concession stand, and clean up after the show. Every week, a group of people is contacted to take charge of the shows for the weekend. Members of the Prairie Preservation Guild have taken on this logistical challenge and greatly appreciate the time and effort of our volunteers.

To volunteer, contact us:

  • Phone – 765-884-8191
  • Email –
As many know, the Fowler Theatre is operated by a non profit board. That board relies heavily on its many volunteers to be successful. Although we have many great volunteers, covering 52 weekends with a minimum of 3 movies per weekend stretches our volunteer resources very thinly. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact us to learn more.
  • Phone – 765-884-8191
  • Email –
Ways to Volunteer:
  • As a group: family, friends, c0-workers
  • As a business
  • As an individual
  • NOTE: Our biggest need is for individuals who are available to lead a group that can cover entire movie shifts
Volunteering Opportunities:
  • Staffing a movie or event from open to close (prepping for the start, operating concessions and closing and cleaning after the event)
Volunteer Perks:
  • Contributing to the delivery and promotion of affordable arts and entertainment services to our community
  • The opportunity to see a movie or event free for working the event
  • A kids combo package the night you work an event